They Fight


They Fight

They fight for a right that’s wrong for far too long
They kill the week as we speak this is going on
Across the world, across the nation on every TV station
It’s the prime time programme that keeps us in sedation
Turning a blind eye to the horrors we see
We ignore the past just to repeat history
In this day and in this age with so much violent rage
We can’t ignore it, overlook it and turn the damn page
And I’m so damn sick of these lying mother f**kers
Trying to justify the death of so many innocent others
it’s the politicians fight yet we’re all the pawns
All expendable for their cause
I refuse to die for a system I hate,
Won’t die for my country won’t die for its sake
I’ll fight for freedom, fight for justice, fight for peace in life
But I won’t die for politicians because that’s just not right

And everywhere I look and everywhere I see
Looks more and more like corprotocracy
Partition of propaganda via the air waves
Straight into our homes keeping us all enslaved
Individualism, yeah, you’re still a statistic
And there’s nothing you can do,
Cause you are never going to change it
And it is so damn true that we have no say
Freedom of speech only applies when you say it their way
Our rights are non-existent and their rules are our law
All set in place just to keep us conformed

Mechanical minds all put to the grind wearing us down just to keep us in line
24 / 7 it never stops for a second keeping us enchained in front of our televisions
Dumbing us down to the lowest degree, herded to work and then told you’re free
But with the second millennium now here we can see this corporate agenda is based upon greed
With the west policing the world for business and profit, capitalism is greed and it leads to the coffin

Cool Britannia? Don’t make me laugh!
Our country’s just like the rest it’s out for the cash
Heading back to Iraq for another encore, we sell them all the weapons then we kill them in war
It’s a humanitarian situation ignored by all nations
Spawned by this right wing fucked up creation
You can fool most of the people most of the time
As long as they are entertained day and night
Distracting ourselves from what is going on
And if we don’t pay attention soon our freedom will be long gone
Cause the more right our government moves
The more power it gains and the more we lose.


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