Concoction Of Words



Concoction Of Words

She is a concoction of words so beautiful

That the trees gave forth their own flesh .

Yearning to be the infinity that holds her

As they Writhe under her life sentences.

Ecstatic to bare her essences on their skin

Moving through windows of my soul

She smells like new books and lipstick

And all of my boxes now get ticked

Her lips speak , unwrapping infinitely,

Intimately caressing all my grey cells

And in there now dwells some hope

But I hold it loosely, so not to crush it

I try not to rush it, in fear of falling head over heels

This starling likes the shiny hearts it steals

All of my common sense for emotions so intense

It prevents me from standing back from it all

But to be in love is to fall, so I just let go and enjoy the flow

Watch it grow or whither on the vine of connection

A life time of intimacy or just eventual rejection

It’s the section of life we all spend so much time on

Because it bares the hope that when we are gone

We may carry on in the hearts of those lives we touched

And as such we achieve the closest to immortality we can

So take my hand and don’t be afraid of the days to come

Just remember we are always two, and never one

That should lock in some safety in our romantic run

Losing yourself in someone else is tricky business

You find yourself lost saying “ what the hell is this?”

Just as they in turn get lost in you, on the couch watching BBC2

Wondering what to do with the weekend, how to pay the bills

Wondering what ever happened to all those passionate thrills

(Spoken word performance of it here – )


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