Infinite Symphony Of Ecstasy And Intimacy


Infinite Symphony Of Ecstasy And Intimacy

As your kiss eclipses my lips your breath slips into my being

Ecstatically freeing my true self and caressing it with flesh and time

In heart and mind we unwind into each other under the covers of existence

This craving, this persistence in every single instance to know you

So completely and deeply as to always learn more

You are an infinite symphony of ecstasy and intimacy

Prosing what the world composes as roses shed their thorns in your presence

Unfolding their petals to drop in front of each step you take

All the while Kissing your soles with each move you make

Then right on cue my body begins to shake with anticipation

Free of all complications as the clock rocks back and forth to a slower beat

Your smile so sweet as to instantly defeat any negative left overs I may have

And your laugh warms my very essence as unspoken language beckons me closer

Your eyes unlock the windows to my soul and lift the veil of shadows from this zone

This newly gifted vision thing reveals the trail of stars that sing leading me to your home.

Your presence like that moment when the Sun and the Moon look deep into each others cores and glow

While a planets entire population stop for a while to admire the style and glory of this show

(Audio performance of the piece available here)


Rising in Love


Rising in Love

What value to gain as to lose yourself for ?

The contradiction of pain from someone you adore

When the heart and the mind aren’t on talking terms

A dark wheel turns twisting your current reality

Towards profanities and inanities so hum-glum

As to silence your inner-drum and heart like the Sun.

Until our pain threshold is overcome and then we run.

Regenerating anew , laying to rest the old you.

Approaching a brand new start line with a clearer mind

Ready to find that final part of the grand old puzzle

Someone to nuzzle into in the dark of the night

Who makes your life bright, safe and rock steady

Charged all the time just like Eveready

Not falling in love but finally rising in love

The stuff of poets and heavens above.




Poetry and riddles whilst Nero fiddles in hospitable hospitals

Typically lost middles leave me without the stomach for more

Spit rhymes like a lecture so no talking please, demand the silence of MCs

Using misogyny as a back drop for their hiphop

let that beat drop and Never rise again cos there is no such thing as ‘real men’

Why does a bro-mance have less chance of violence than two men kissing?

Using your words and beats, dismissing all females as weak

Was the biggest mistake you ever made when you speak in a flow

Only garden tools are hoes , with ‘bitch’ drop the ‘t’ meaning generosity

The velocity of the violent ‘male’ culture rips flesh from back bones like vultures

and infects our children with carefully crafted and constructed obstructions

Like genderizing based on genitals, ignoring wiring and the chemicals

as well as just letting each choose to define themselves in their own rhymes

Using reason is more pleasing for all concerned, less chance of burns.

You’re labelled lost cause, freak , weak or just weird

The day dignity disappeared and you feared for your future and life

I guess all it boils down to , what I’m really saying is… just be nice

A strange concept for modern-day thinking that really loves a fight

When man demands HE is RIGHT !

Rocketing phallic symbols up into the night

To impregnate galactic wombs with more tombs of misogyny and sexism

All the while scared of the fact that your pact with your testicles

Is out of focus you need spectacles and lenses to make more consensual contact

With the world all around, Space, air , water , ground. Intact and profound.

Silence the sound of your voice and learn to listen more in this life,

actually listen, you may just find those words interesting as they glisten

Cos you’re mistaken if you are equating the book with the cover

So try to be a lover of the inside as well as the out and be devout

To the cause of equality and flipping the masculinity box paradigm

Help chip away at those locks and over time introduce some reason to your rhyme

Quit your patriarchal crimes of dismissing any sexual identity other than yours as weak

Difference does not mean freak

Understanding of others is what you should seek.

Be an example to those who would trample on the hearts of people

Pave the way for a generation that can be free of name calling

Free falling in social situations where the implications of a standardised

Hetero-normative life is defined as the only thing that is right

The norm bites, and rips hard , mentally scarred from the beating took

Just because you identify differently from the way that you look.

( Audio performance available here )

The Endless Shadow Of Night

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The Endless Shadow Of Night


My life worked like the tick-tock of the clock

Until that night down at the dock

It’s touch ice cold as to chill the very soul

Suspended spiritual animation replaced by dark imitation

Craving the sensation of the human circulation

Slipping past cold red lips to feed the shadow

This primal old dead sips in greed the blood and marrow

Infinite thirst from the first expelled from above

Endlessly cursed as the worst and hidden from love

An exemption to redemption with malice intention

The more it feeds and the dimmer becomes my light

High-jacking my soul into the folds of The Endless Shadow Of Night

( Audio version available here – The Endless Shadow Of Night )