Now Your Life Song Is Done ( A Tribute To Lou Reed)


Now Your Life Song Is Done ( A Tribute To Lou Reed)

Your music took me for walks on the wild-side

Side by side with Venus dressed in her Furs

That perfect day was hers and mine

Yes, those sound waves woven from powders and wine

Metal machine music sounding divine

That perfect day was so sublime

Transplanted my heart for one of rock and roll

The twilight reeling you sang to my soul

Your perfect day that kept me whole

We bid thee farewell now your life song is done

Tears in eyes as you ride into the Sun


A Shade Of Red In Glasgow


A Shade Of Red In Glasgow

The night skies always glow a shade of red in Glasgow

Whether it be the blushing of the street lights

Or the promise of a brighter tomorrow

A smoke is always easy to ‘borrow’

In this city the humour flows like the beer in the bars

Often bitter but always draws a smile

This is a city whose elderly turn over BNP stalls

This is a city whose melody is written in rain falls

This is a city where tanks were sent to crush

This is a city where…

Histories are long broken

Our tales are not spoken

And your usually quite soakin’

But it’s all OK

We live in the heart of shades of grey

Where we sway to the wind, bucky and tunes

As we stumble home through the ruins of an old community

Glasgow’s face has scars and deep age lines,

Yet it still smiles all the time

Bone structure of a Macintosh design

Still looking good even covered in grime

Still whistling to that rhyme about 20 story flats

A city that’s small in size but large of soul

If Glasgow was a person it’d be claiming the dole

It’s a city of joy and also sorrow

A smoke is always easy to ‘borrow’

Or the promise of a brighter tomorrow

Whether it be the blushing of the street lights

The night skies always glow a shade of red in Glasgow

No Flesh Shall Be Spared


No Flesh Shall Be Spared

(Performance Available Here)

It’s a post apocalyptic ,ecliptic, battle rap triptych

Words into sound waves being alchemistic

Nothing simplistic about this cannibalistic, animalistic bad flick

I’m getting the fear,

Armageddon is here from fireball tears

Civilisation is in decimation now only a few Mc’s remain

So many got broken by the beats of cell division or incineration from that purple rain

It’s a fucking nightmare to be alive ,

Chasing mutant cattle is a battle in a hazmat suit

Like wearing a parachute into a volcano

Above me a fucked up rainbow like a hellish halo

And in the distance four riders,

Eight glowing eyes like spiders

Heralding the end with trumpets blaring

Onlookers staring not even daring to move

Stuck in a groove that keeps on skipping

Flipping through Dante’s circles of hell

Kicking the bars surrounding this cell

Mad voices inside we cannot quell

Feel the groundswell for the final farewell

Some tried to foretell but no one listened

Turns out it does matter if you were christened

We all go down with this ship

A one way trip into the belly of the beast

Ready to be deceased, the pain will be increased

As they tear apart your soul, consuming you whole

Putting your eye balls into a bowl to be eaten by a troll

Before it steamrolls over your chest and all of the rest

Those blest may pass the test and die fast

As for all the rest of us that time has now passed

As the first will be first and the last will be last

No flesh shall be spared, in a mesh you’re ensnared

But your tears will evaporate as you deteriorate

While the world depopulates a demon masturbates

As it decapitates and obliterates then reanimates

Mutilates and violates, your spirit has been snared

The moon turns blood-red and no flesh shall be spared

Why is it when I wear make up…


Why is it when I wear make up…

Why is it when I wear make up walking down the street I become a freak ?

If I wear a lovely top with a flowing skirt

Does it mean I deserve to be ridiculed or hurt ?

No, it doesn’t. No one does.

What’s the point in all this fuss?

Is it because patriarchy taught you to be this way?

That it’s wrong to be gay or gender queer

That a true man looks rough and drinks only beer

Never sheds a tear unless a footballer retires

That women are objects of only your desires?

Anyone who deviates gets to burn in the fires

Patriarchal pyres lit by the choirs of masculinity

The hetro-norm laying scorn on any form deviant from their own

Or whatever nudges their comfort zone of conformity

Appallingly this situation gets even worse world-wide

Human beings afraid to just step outside

Fear of harassment

Fear of violence

Fear of the beatings carried out in silence

All of this shit needs to stop now!

No more gas lighting, undermining our sense of our selves

Put your learned ways back upon those shelves

If you can kiss easily without thinking

Without that sinking feeling that people will stare

If you can make out in public without a care

Think about how it feels to be different and suffer for doing the same thing

The looks it will bring, the violence it can sing through a nasty grin

Or maybe you never have to worry about walking home alone at night

Worried you might be out of the light

Beaten and broken out of all sight

Cos it’s a fact that women suffer from male attacks with alarming regularity

This disparity caused by a patriarchal culture only nurtures aggression

Maintains suppression bringing about depression

No more can we pretend that everything is OK

That everything works out at the end of the day

As you look the other way but the fear goes on

We’ve become so used to it because it’s the norm.

(Performance Available Here)

Under Scottish Skies


Under Scottish Skies

Sun light sneaks through the clouds

Peeks on down

Cutting a deal with shadows

A pallet of natures envy streams by my eyes

Glowing and growing under Scottish skies

Castles and rivers, hills and cattle

As this train car rattles along the track

A cemetery surrounded by fields of sheep

Eternal sleep made all the more easy

Passengers read tales from best seller charts

Staff ask if we’d like a drink from the cart

Stress and early rise leads to heavy eyes

Slipping into dreams under Scottish skies

Shades Of Grey And Longer Nights


Shades Of Grey And Longer Nights

Waves weave  and heave through rocks by wind that never stops

As warm temperature drops to expose us all to the coming fall

Seagulls scatter at the pitter-patter of tiny people passing

Yet calm amongst the thrashing and crashing water all around

A salt water serenade as the last of summer fades

Casting upon us shades of grey and longer nights

This coast surrenders to sleep beneath starry sights

Winds wail and roar at the windows and doors

As torrential downpour washes the day away

A Series of Beatings

A Series Of Beatings

My life growing up was a series of beatings
humiliation and alienation
Living felt like a violent complication
As they tried to smother my true self
In turn affecting my mental health
Flames to my hair, they set me alight
I quickly learned the fine art of flight
Their knuckles broke my skin and bone
Spent my time in a shell called home
Even there the cruel taunts still rang
Howling at my fear , this local gang
I was some times woman, some times man
But at that age it didn’t really scan
That I could be attracted to women
Whilst not always feeling like a man
I just felt the fear and never knew why
Violence came frequently to make me cry
To grow in a way where you suffer each day
From the bruises and breaks , the psychological scars
Just because I hailed from both Venus and Mars
“Ya fucking freak”
“Gonnae batter you boy”
Drawing blood from my body they seemed to enjoy.
So I learned how to run and hide in the dark
To stay well clear of town centres and parks
My true self became nothing but a distant dream
Til I discovered the freedom of the Goth scene
There I could dress up with make up on my face
Wear silk and leather, nylon and lace
To dance how I felt with the cards I was dealt
Putting aside all worries until the bus ride home
And when travelling alone
I have been kicked in the head
Punched out of my seat
Until curled up in the corner
As once again I was beat
Eventually I stopped caring
Began staring into the distance
In a trance I began to welcome the hurt
Just like Kurt
I hated myself and wanted to die
But all of this would eventually pass by
The masks still remained as I strained
To be something I simply could not be
I had no idea there where others like me
(This was before the internet you see)
Several relation-ships sank with dreams
I tried to fit into more accepted scenes
Played the role of normal and boring
But my alternative skin was always calling
Thankfully someone out there had heard
Was patient and caring with every word
Inviting the real me to come out and play
Knowing I am safe, loved in every way
Accepted and adored without hesitation
Untying all the knots and the complications
More than lucky, I never dreamed it could be
I would be so in love and still free to be me