I Write

By Glen W Hunter

By Glen W Hunter


When It Rains


We send satellites up high to look down from the sky

To let loose the dogs of war and destroy like never before

When it rains missiles it pours, on schools and towns and local stores

As scores of people who will know no sequel are destroyed into a void

Trapped in the margins of what gets laughingly called journalism

Of what is happily rolled out like churnalism again and again

We never see the tears before the strike hits , the dust and ash and broken bits

The whip , the lash, the dirt and grit, the devastation from the 2nd hit

So it was writ and so it is done , the worlds elite can kill anyone




 The fire has begun each one of us a spark

Occupy the  workplace and the Unis for a start

If we rise on mass we can touch the skies

Feet on the ground we’re immune to the lies

We’re in this together come hell or high leather

We’re the storm on the horizon the elites cannot weather

They say never, we say now, no longer kneel or bow

The hypocrisy of democracy an x in a box

Hear our feet on the street cos this beat rocks

A movement in motion that cannot be stopped

‘Til every corporate tyrant is toppled and dropped

We can see a better world , we can sense that it is coming

The spirit of people power, man that shit is just stunning

When millions move we can shake the very heavens

Can’t stop us now with their lies or their weapons