Cheap Cider, Lip Stick and Marlboro Cigarettes

Cheap cider, lip stick and Marlboro cigarettes

We forget all we regret

A sextet in fishnet stockings and skin

Warm water over everything

Generation ‘fuck it’

This world can just suck it

Let’s get trashed


Until we crash out on the floor

We get up and then party some more

Consential experimental  kisses and more behind the bedroom door

Getting wasted, we tasted the side of life TV warned us about

There was little doubt about opting out of the norm

Protecting each other from outside scorn and condemnation

Our inclination was to try anything we wanted just once

If none were harmed and all were consenting

There was nothing preventing the venting of urges and desire

Dancing naked around a fire in the warm pouring rain


A New Kind Of Democracy

This whole campaign has created a mass of democratic engagement unseen in recent history. The apathy has been shaken loose and people are standing up for a better way of life. Come September the 19th, here’s to hoping for a better, brighter and more vibrant Scotland for the people and by the people.