A letter to the Labour Party, from Scotland.

Dear (New) Labour,

Watching you stand up there on TV next to the Tories,

Supporting their stories of how gory it would be if Scotland was free from Westminster,

This seemed nothing if not sinister.

You administer to the pandering of the political right wing,

Then have the nerve to sing the Internationale.

There is no rationale

For siding with the Conservatives on anything, ever.

So now the time approaches for us to sever all links and connections.

At next years elections we’ll make the appropriate corrections

By making sure our selections sit on the independence side.

SNP or Green, maybe even the SSP ?

All three are better than what we see coming from down South.

The minute they open their mouth

It’s nothing but lies and deception building up tension

Before they mention immigration and austerity,

They have the temerity to do so while they let the money flow into more wars,

Paying for missiles, planes and tanks

While the poorest try to get by using food banks.

So thanks, but no thanks.

This time we elect people who earned our respect during the Indy campaign,

Voting for Labour again would be nothing short of insane.

There is barely a grain of truth left in that lot.

Far from content with what we’ve got in Westminster shoes.

As we watch the country lose its red flush, decisive and true.

Dear Labour, it’s not us, it’s you.

There is nothing left that you can do,

Short of putting Blair up on trial for war crimes

But those times are never coming.

You probably shouldn’t even bother running

Cos we’re done,

We’re through.

Scotland wants nothing more to do with any of you.

No longer yours,  no need to cry,  sincerely from all of us. So long and goodbye.


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