Can We Still Call This A Democracy ?

Can we still call this a democracy ?
When families go without food ?
When human rights are screwed ?
With a spy state attitude
As courts start to exclude
Justice from their jaws
Fat cats got their claws
Scratching shirts off  backs
An economic hi-jack
That only seeks to stack
The decks in their favour
Smell of piss hard to savour
From their trickle down theory

Democracy was born blind to servants and slaves
Those fallen to early graves due to the escapades of their masters
As pastors profess prophetic parlance pertaining to peace through poverty

Our participation as a nation
Carries the complication
Of our collective isolation
Ever since the creation of capitalism
An economic prison
To glitter and glisten

It seems like a fair deal
til you miss your first meal
Then it all gets real
As you start to feel
How they steal
While we starve
As they carve
The Turkey between themselves
We’re all their fucking elves

Protection of the human rights of all citizens.

Denizens of Downing Street
have killed that beat
hacked off it’s feet
Then onto it’s knees
Killing freedom by degrees

A rule of law, in which the laws and procedures apply equally to all citizens.

Stupidly rich,
well connected jerks
with punchable smirks
get away with so much
and as such
are above the law
Examples encore
Every passing day
Our rights fade to grey
In a flagrant display
Of class hate
wreck and ruin
Can’t afford to be suin’ ?
Then you are a shoe in
For the jail cell
Cos you happen to dwell
in a poor postcode

A pyramid scheme
A never ending dream
Of endless cheap labour
A scam
A caper
Victims are we all…


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