High Definition Living



Weaponize the weak

Loud and clear

Each word crafted as a spear of fear from giants ,

the meek stand defiant, no longer compliant ,

reliant or pliant to the trident of flagged soil,

A serpent coil framing turmoil traded in terror .

An over-bearer profiting from error and extraction

A rabid hocker of plastic distraction

Subtraction results in death

Additions can take breath

It’s a



Chaos engine

Chewing up flesh and dreams ,

Soot smoke screams stream through the carbon highs ,

We kiss the skies with gray pale eyes,

Our keyboard calloused finger tips slip across petroleum surfaces.

Morally vacant purposes placed upon pedestals and powdered with platitudes and gratitudes ,

Attitudes lost down the back of living-dead room couches.

Little comfortable pouches to hide and wallow

Stuck in our sorrow as we swallow tomorrow like mundane medication

Sedatives for the soul-searching sentience striving toward the void


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