Tick-Tock, People.

Melting polar ice caps, fossil fool traps, old school fat cats from monocles and top hats to Armani suits and penthouse flats . A portfolio of pieces increases the bottom line , longer leashes, bigger cages, sinking boats all through the ages. Sages smouldering in the fires of fiction fortuitous confliction from addiction and an easy life.

Tick fucking tock people ! The water levels rising, animals are dying , polar caps are frying , bureaucratic hand tying with petro dollar bill chains, zombies starved in a world with no brains. Parts of the world freezing whilst the rest goes up in flames. Human entertains the truth like a visiting family member, with an amazing ability to render everything heard as absurd and out of reach, not so hard to understand under the hand of capital orientated , status quo flow show where you grow to serve the worth of the billionaires of Earth , nothing but an age old serf serving serfdom in the domain of blind security , military contracts contacts the tracks of torches and fires burning with desires of rebuild and profit , nothing gonna stop it but itself. tick fucking tock ! This shit is bad for you health , carried on in stealth before your eyes , here’s the surprise there’s no hell-fire in the water taps , slaughter traps, quarter snaps and ends behind bars , staring at the stars on a screen blacking out the sky.

TIck tock, tick tock, hear the world rock

the enevitable decline to the time of the doomsday clock


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