When It Happens To You ?

You keep saying “It doesn’t affect me.”

You keep saying ” What can I do ? “

You keep saying ” It doesn’t upset me. “

But what happens

When it happens to you ?


Posing With Nero For A Selfie

Thrones to drones

dogs to bones and rags

Pestilent stags waving their flags ,

filling body bags ,

the belly sags and drags all over the crematorium floor ,

a millennium of gore and more,

a cankerous sore on the soul of sinful sales figures

The size zero anti-hero posing with Nero for a selfie

Party’in with the wealthy as the sun sets high

It’s enough to make an atom cry

Throwin’ a tantrum to the beat of a war drum

Except that this timing is backward spun

This time-line is badly hung

like our noose neck ties

Our mournings will rise without a new day

when war



Drill , Baby, Drill.

All the broken pieces of a war never ceases but only increases the feces flung from afar.

All to fuel a car going over a cliff.

Illegal to smoke a spliff but not a combustible engine ,

and don’t dare to mention the intention of empire,

lest you hear the choir sing you out the room.

Planetary doom for profits in bloom.

So give me some room as I drill , baby, drill.

Don’t Feed The Remains

I only have the resources to feed the armed forces more bullets and missiles

Food bank isles and many walked miles for collateral damage

A bandage over cuts , no ifs and no buts

Fan the flames don’t feed the remains

Keeps some in chains, others in a grave

A wage slave paves their own funeral plot

Debt non-stop unless you’re at the top

In which case you already have the perfect spot

That Phase Of Nuclear Nourishment


I was born of a seether, a teether on cold war weapons

We counted seconds rather than days

It’s all quite a haze , that phase of nuclear nourishment

Mass discontent, matches strike up and down the box

Tories hunt the poor like a fox

The tick-tocks but never talks of what the clock face saw

The ravens craw was the final straw that broke the camels

We only had four channels and there was still nothing on

Dimensions Of Dumb

Plastic potions and mirror lotions keep filling the oceans

Despite our devotions and best intentions

Rather than stop, we keep building inventions

Whilst no body mentions the dimensions of dumb that come from the sum of add more to get less.