Privatizing Armageddon

For too long ‘the end of times’ has been run down in the public sector

No profit vector

Not a single one

A public/private partnership brighter than the Sun

Streamlined and competitive, never dull and repetitive

We want you to experience a more classy calamity for humanity

A front-row seat is hard to beat in the apocalypse

No long drawn out trips to get a snack or go to the bathroom

Spectacular doom with all the convenience services you need

Blood banks at ten dollars a gallon

No more Eagles talon as the hawks and doves rest in rust

Scorched crust

Empty highways and by-ways in the end days

All recorded and delivered to your Monitor screen

Volcanoes and ice-cream

before the last big scream

and that selfy- snap

before the Pandora trap begins to unwrap and open

The last moments token of empty space ,

those with the money may leave this place and head to Mars.

Dining cars and evening bars on all carriages.

The perfect marriage is

privatizing Armageddon


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