Gordian Knot

The smallest pieces seperate

Nothing blowing in the breeze

No more roads to walk

We can’t breathe to talk

Living in dis-ease





Terrorism Succeeds

Breaking through the grey cement of military bases upon cited holy grounds

Blossoming with blood and broken bones from attack drones

Spreading from a history of imperial slavery and destruction

Racism, exploitation , nuclear incineration

A tyrants contracted obligation

Looking the other way as an entire nation

An ally who likes to crucify its people

The religious definition of evil

Terrorism grows from a prequel to a sequel of inter state wars

Resources for horses on courses burning in the bright light of yesterdazes oil

Bringing the wars on home to foreign soil



Shaken To Tabula-Rasa

There’s no such things as death

and life is but a dream

Drifting upon a stream of consciousness

No need for distress

All will regress in time

Entropy so fine

Like an etcha-sketch design

Shaken to tabula-rasa