Gordian Knot

The smallest pieces seperate

Nothing blowing in the breeze

No more roads to walk

We can’t breathe to talk

Living in dis-ease





Terrorism Succeeds

Breaking through the grey cement of military bases upon cited holy grounds

Blossoming with blood and broken bones from attack drones

Spreading from a history of imperial slavery and destruction

Racism, exploitation , nuclear incineration

A tyrants contracted obligation

Looking the other way as an entire nation

An ally who likes to crucify its people

The religious definition of evil

Terrorism grows from a prequel to a sequel of inter state wars

Resources for horses on courses burning in the bright light of yesterdazes oil

Bringing the wars on home to foreign soil



What Festers In The Dark

If you always look on the bright side of life

You’ll never know what festers in the dark




Imagine Nation

When the apple was offered

Businessmen fenced off the tree

No longer were they free

Rewards became lords

Incentives became divine

Merchants trading the design of time on a dime


Shaken To Tabula-Rasa

There’s no such things as death

and life is but a dream

Drifting upon a stream of consciousness

No need for distress

All will regress in time

Entropy so fine

Like an etcha-sketch design

Shaken to tabula-rasa





What If You Knew – David Rovics

What If You Knew ?



Orwell’s Razor

An authoritarian dystopian opium

Deathening silence

Clouds tear skies assunder

A crack of thunder

Broken bones in the breaking news

Ticker-tape information forming our views

Memory holes in one

Under the old oak tree

Where I sold you

and you sold me