You Had Me At “ Fuck The System “

You can’t see the bars to our prison.
There are thin strands, lines of integral social programming.
Persistent corporate spamming since the day you were born
from the day you could hear in your womb
Some-where in some corporate room
They were figuring out the figures to police your figure before it was even formed. Prison bars spawned. Normalised, rationalised, repeat and rinse dry.
No walls too high in the sky now the drones fly by and by
Did you see the self importance in their eyes ?
Nails every where !
” Stop bullying me with the truth !”
Poor little MPs
Wishing we would mind our Q’s and P’s
…the stroke of a pen to condemn all of them
Pro-life, pro-war,pro-god, pro-gun
Bonds and stocks rock the socks off Pandora’s Box
The doomsday clock tick-tocks as generals polish their inter continental cocks , primed for mass discharge when given the orders, pouring over all borders. The penultimate money-shot.