Snakes At Both Ends

Snakes and Ladders.jpeg


Preaching Peace While Preparing For War

Bombs drop like a preacher to his knees

Carrying out war while preaching peace

As the body counts rise, profit margins soar

They be preaching peace while preparing for war


Slip Of Light

Slip of Light.jpeg


Hands Of The Masses

Direct democracy annihilates the hypocrisy of plutocracy offering boxes to tick

Slick PR will take money far in the house of levers

Busy as beavers building damns

A giant door slams

On the hands of the masses


Do You Have Any Spare Change ?

Those who wish to dispose of this broken prose

expose the crows tagging toes

as our dead number grows

the economy slows

and every body knows

something has got to change


Framed fields of forget-me-knots

Here I lay

amongst the Framed fields

of forget-me-knots

and fuck knows what’s