Hash-Tags and the Glad Rags

Don’t buy this book, seriously , just leave it , it’s not worth it. Leave it be. Drowning in the ratings of the Amazonian sea.

Busking with words on the digital highways and by-ways. Looking for good reviews and high praise cos these days it’s not about art, it’s all about the PR. Nobody gets that far on talent alone. It’s all about the hash-tags and the glad rags, the semi naked selfies with Nero contained in size zero cans of dichotomous dizzy drinks

This book stinks !

( Here’s the links – http://tinyurl.com/hrh8kb9 – http://tinyurl.com/gsetr29 )

According to Indy writer working rules I use these on-line tools for promotion rather than creation. It’s a weird modern-day indication of the alienation of the worker from their production. Just a constant reduction to the seduction of wealth and fame. Empty grain for the brain and so much less than zero. Posing For A Selfie With Nero.