Election 2016


Where ?

Over there ?

Who ?

Damn !

The choice between a business woman or a (sort of ) business man

A racist, rapist or a deceitful liar

Your brand new brand for a dying empire


It’s Not All Bad

It’s not all bad

Some of it’s horrific

Don’t want to get too specific and ruin your day

But hey , that’s just life, trouble and strife

No point worrying about what you can’t fix

It’ll just make you sad

Remember, it’s not all bad



Bored of the Living Dead

Another shot to the head

Wow , did you see that one ?

That was cool

The skull exploded on that ghoul

If a gun’s just a tool

This is a hell of an ad

An old fad in decaying skin


Life is nasty , brutish and short

A very British retort to ‘stop invading other places’

The look on their faces as the skin peels away

They’ll kill us tomorrow , so we kill them today

An imperial way to display decay where once vibrant and vivacious

The disease is contagious