Noises From The Room

Cover Art.Front

Electronic music that’s great for in-between meals without ruining your appetite

Chemical Warfare

The lips are cracked and broken, her skin itches but when she scratches it the pain is beyond bearing

Next to her lies her mother, head tilted to the left , eyes all white, mouth foaming a puss white substance.

” Mother…Mother…Mother!” She cries out in agony over and over again. And then…

 in 3…2…1 Launch

The operation went well, hostile hospital targets terminated. The leadership is highly elated. The pilots receive medals and handshakes

She shakes and takes one last shallow breath and with her death comes the cameras and headlines framing the story in a gory glory of red white and blue

The Heart of This

The crowd start chanting “ Bullshit! Bullshit! Bullshit! “ and then you know it’s on. Something big is about to occur. You can almost hear the purr of the well oiled engine at the heart of this movement. This mob. This rebirth of human worth and people over profits